Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

Traveling & electronics security

We left town for a few days over Christmas and made sure to lock everything up well because a house across the street got broken into last month.

Our TV is older, I don't have jewelry worth anything, but I did want to leave my work laptop at home and hide it someplace safe where it couldn't get stolen. I looked around, tried to think about where a good hiding place was, and then finally figured it out... I stuck it in the basement among our pile of electronics recycling!

it sucks to be a geek, who married a geek, so we had to join a collection of crappy old computer parts, non-functional laptops, keyboards, printers, hard drives, etc. But at least if someone breaks in they'll probably look at the pile in horror and find it impossible to notice if one laptop actually works.

And if they do take the whole pile well hey, I'll have that out of my life. happiness!
Tags: computers
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