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my tooth

I chipped the bonding on my front tooth. No idea how! But it's making my tongue sore because I keep feeling the spot and wanting to screw with it - what is it about being a human that makes us do stuff like that?

My dentist has been telling me for YEARS that this bonding was not meant to last this long. I broke my teeth when I was ten, falling off my bike. Was not wearing a helmet. Not sure if it would have saved my teeth anyway. I want flying over the handlebars, I was going downhill trying to lean forward too much and must have hit something, I'm honestly not sure. I remember seeing blades of grass on the side of the road as I was going down but not the actual hit on the pavement, the next thing I knew I was looking sadly at my skinned knee before my friend said "Ohmygod, your teeth!"

I was at a friend's house, we couldn't track down my mom. I think she felt bad after that because she got a pager for a while. I don't know if we ever used it. They were complicated as hell. Life before cell phones sucked, kids.

The dentist put bonding on my teeth, it broke off again three years later and we'd moved and the new dentist wasn't as good so the bonding on this tooth has some weirdness, a spot that's not quite the right color and the sizes are kinda weird, anyway my dentist said we could do crowns and they'd look a lot better.

You can tell which parts of my teeth are fake if you see them in a blacklight. So I try not to smile much around blacklights.

Maybe this chip is the motivation I need. It's hard to notice, but it's a reminder that I've been needing to improve this situation for the past, oh, 20 years or so? You know how time flies. My dentist also recommended whitening all my teeth first, then doing the crowns to match the whiter teeth, that's sort of a cosmetic thing that I'm not sure I feel the need to go for.
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