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spacekid's christmas presents

I always look forward to Christmas because I'd get to buy Josie some presents I wanted for her, we try to be really anti-materialistic, we even keep the birthday parties small, so by the time a holiday comes around even I am feeling a void.

But it got a little complicated... first, I bought her some legos. Then her and I started playing with her duplos a lot and I noticed a few things, first that she's just now starting to build cool stuff with the duplos. Second, she gets really frustrated when she has a hard time clicking the pieces together. Legos would be even harder for her, not to mention easier for Olive to eat, so I opted to beef up her Duplo collection by winning some people and animal figures off Ebay. When they showed up at the house I just went ahead and opened them rather than saving them for Christmas, and we had a great afternoon.

The legos are in my desk at work. With the receipt. But I got them on sale, and she will get them eventually, so I might as well just keep them there.

I sent Marc got get her a razor scooter and helmet. That worked out, that'll be her big present.

I bought her some little craft stuff... a bracelet making kit that's basically just stickers you put on them, and FASHION PLATES, and new markers and glitter glue.

I'd wanted to buy the game of Perfection but Marc is sick of anything with little pieces so I held off, but once I made the anti-lego decision I went looking for it, and couldn't find it anywhere. So that'll have to wait for a birthday.

When I couldn't find perfection I thought of getting her a Rapunzel doll she lusts after every time we got to Target, but at this point it's so close to Christmas the shelves were stripped bare. Target and Kmart were both just down to Cinderellas.

I took it as a sign, it's for the best. Keeping Christmas small is a good idea.


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Dec. 21st, 2013 05:17 pm (UTC)
Did you see the lego separator thingy that someone on spacefem posted?


^I rarely know how much of that URL nonsense is required. So you get the whole thing. ;)
Dec. 21st, 2013 06:35 pm (UTC)
I'm with you on this one. Kids get the wrong message about Christmas with all the materialistic things under the tree. It makes them underappreciate their gifts more. It sets them up for a lifetime of gift expectations from now until adulthood.

I spent $100 on giftcards for Erika's teachers, $30 for the secretaries, and $20 for the janitor who cleans my room; for a total of $150.

I think I spent less than $50 on Erika. Granted, I'm blessed that Erika's grandma is buying her Santa gift, the Little People Princess Castle dollhouse ($30 on sale) and Little People princesses ($20 on sale); so I purchased her a sticker activity book, hair chalk, nail polish, a Rapunzel doll, My Little Pony toys, and two board games: Operation and Snakes & Ladders.. all for $50.

Dec. 22nd, 2013 03:08 pm (UTC)
Every family does what's best for them.

But everyone says that "Kids get the wrong message about Christmas, blah blah..." I got a lot for Christmas when I was growing up. I don't think this made me into an awful person. I never feel entitled, or jealous of what material things that other people have. I like to shop, sure, and I like stuff well enough, but I'm not obsessed with it and it doesn't rule my life. It takes up a very small part of my existence and although sometimes I like to brag on the great awesome amazing sales I've hit up, I have a lot more going on than shoes.
I never got the wrong idea at Christmas, or was unwilling to spend my own money on gifts, or said to a relative I disliked something (even if it was hideous) and wore Godawful clothes so I wouldn't hurt my aunt's feelings, and never turned into a monster because I got presents. Some friends got a lot less, some got more, but I never really paid attention because it was never a contest. I give generously but I never talk about it online really, because it sounds braggy and that turns me off. That's not how giving is supposed to work. While I have my moments of being a pain in the ass as does every single other human being on the earth, I hope that overall I am kind, and patient, and generous, and loving. Okay, maybe not patient. But three out of four isn't so bad.

Kids don't turn out selfish or with a lifetime of unrealistic expectations of gift-receiving from generous Christmases. Teaching kindness and generosity and charitable giving, accountability and anti-racism and anti-classism and volunteerism and manner and all the really important things that make up Good Human Beings take 365 days a year of parenting. If you're doing that, it doesn't matter if Christmas is big or small. One day a year does not shape how your child sees the world, and the expectations that your child has. As you know as a parent, that's a 25/7 job.

I respect and support, of course, your wish to keep Josie's Christmas small. My comments have nothing to do with that. You are obviously doing a great job with her. I just get frustrated when I keep hearing the chorus of "If you get more than three presents, you Turn Out Awful." It just isn't true. I'm not perfect, but I'm sure not some entitled jerk either. No more or no less than anybody else.

Just my thoughts!
Dec. 22nd, 2013 09:47 pm (UTC)
I had 3 sets of Fashion Plates; surprise, surprise, right? :) I loved those things.

I think families give what is right for them, but I have seen the effects of too many gifts, and it's not pretty. I stopped giving toys to my nieces and nephew because they really seem to just have too many already that they don't appreciate and don't take care of . I focus on crafty things that they can make and clothes. (That seems to work out because they live in a pretty isolated area, so I get to buy things from places that they don't have access to, like Target, Old Navy etc.) Gifts from Santa, you and Marc, his family and your family all add up to a pretty darn good christmas for Josie I would think! Besides, I remember the things that we did like go sledding, drive around the neighborhoods looking at lights, baking/decorating cookies, decorating the tree, and watching christmas specials more than what gifts I got each year. We've got about a foot of snow up here in MN; you sure you don't want to bring the fam up and go sledding?

Dec. 24th, 2013 05:33 pm (UTC)
Brrr. Snow. Too much!

It's weird, and I guess it all depends on the kids. Some kids I know get a lot and wouldn't dream of being ungrateful, others get a lot and will barely say thank you. Nor do their parents expect them to.

I don't like to criticize anyone's parenting, so much, because it's hard and everyone does their best. But if a kid is greedy and doesn't say thank you and wants more and more and more...it's a kid. A kid isn't to blame. They didn't develop this attitude on their own. You know? Teaching someone gratitude and appreciation and kindness is a year-round job.
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