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getting back, report from the ben folds concert

Okay, I forgot to reset the encoding to iso8859-1. No harm done. Last post was very negative and bad I realize but it's hard to be happy when one's computer isn't doing something right. I just need to stop flipping out about things like that.

Now I will talk about my life in positive ways.

I spent yesterday afternoon hanging out with my sister's friend because my sister went to work and left us. We went to the art museum which was neat, they had a big egypt exhibit that cost like $11 for students, so we didn't do that, but we walked around and saw everything else. Saw all my favorite paintings (impressionism is wonderful) and showed her some sections she'd missed in the past like african art (I love their african art section, yes).

Then we came home and waited for my sister to get off work so we could head to the ben fold's concert. Stopped and got sonic on the way (I'm getting addicted to those toaster sandwiches!) and arrived plenty early. We staked out a great spot that was like twelve feet from the stage, about an hour before the show started. Waited around and talked to people and tried to inch up into available spaces, until about five minutes before the opening act when my sister passed out on the concrete. I love the girl but she does not know how to hydrate herself for stuff like this! In cross country I learned that like 85% of the problems in the world could be solved by people drinking more water (well, that's what it felt like anyway). So I felt fine but I didn't want to lose a family member so I dragged her out of the crowd where she totally collapsed then ran to get some water. Got back to the spot and she was gone! Then I realized that was because she'd stumbled like 25 feet for no apparent reason. Got her some water and the color came back to her and the opening act started so we totally lost our great spot.

I forget the name of the opening guy. He was cool, kinda looked like iggy pop but with a voice like david bowie and doing all acoustic folksy stuff like... well... acoustic folksy people. sang some cute stuff. Then he got done and we waited like thirty minutes for ben folds to come out, it seriously took forever and I can never understand why they do that. He's cute on stage, really energetic, pounds the hell out of that piano. I don't want to report too much because there are people going to see him in des moines and I'd hate to ruin it, but he did sing the angry red dwarf song with this cute rap thing at the beginning, did rockin' the suburbs wearing a backwards baseball cap and dedicated it to "all the pissed off people tonight". Sang "Brick", which was sort of surprising because that's not a good live song. Well, it's not a good song period, it's one of the saddest songs I know, kind of tough to listen to if you know what he's singing about and everyone there did because he said it before he started. It's beautiful, but so tragic. He also did a tear-jerking version of "Luckiest" that was absolutely amazing.

During a lot of the older ben folds' five songs he'd get the audience to sing backup for him, so there was a lot of participation. People were generally friendly, except this one annoying lady behind me who threw a plastic bottle at my feet instead of just setting it down and got beer all over me. She was there with her friends and they didn't seem to know any of the songs and they were all wearing thick makeup and dark eyeliner and blush. Who wears makeup when it's 90°f outside? I lost respect for her just for that.

After the concert we went to denny's and ate eggs and stuff, then got home and crashed. my sister took a shower but I couldn't do it, I was too tired, so I just went to sleep in all my sweaty nastiness.

It was a fun night. Got to drive through the city and see our skyline which I think is beautiful. Skylines are exciting to me, I can't see skyscrapers without smiling, it's something about them. Just seems so opportunistic. We were surrounded by happy peaceful people and it was good to be alive and safe in the world. I keep reading about all the middle east crap and I got to thinking last night about how great it was to be in a country where we could assemble and not worry about a crazed bomber or military force cutting through us. I was happy to be tall so I could see the concert. I was happy to be secure so I wasn't caked with make-up. I was happy my sister didn't die on the pavement. Good times, good times. I feel better just after writing about it all.
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