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etsy in the 4th quarter

Crap I forgot about something I told marc... that I was never going to have an open etsy shop over Christmas again. But what have I done? Lured in by extra sales I went for it, and it's bad and only getting worse.

Since I started selling fabric sales were steady, about 3-4 a day, that's nice. Sometimes five, sometimes none. Then all the sudden it's November and I get 10 in one day. Then 10 the next day. Then 12... and I'm spending way too much time cutting up fabric into yards, halves or quarters, putting them in envelopes in every combination, mailing them off... but that's not the worst part, the worst part is dealing with everyone's CRAFTING EMERGENCIES when they absolutely must have this NOW so they have time to sew gifts. I love selling & designing fabric because I get to play a part in people making things for loved ones, I like handmade gifts, want to encourage it, but holy CRAP.

A year ago I stopped feeling bad about telling people I wouldn't sew stuff *for* them. I direct them to Etsy teams, there's kinda one for every city and you can usually find some bored person ready to sew, I think. But there's still craziness, people wanting quotes for overnight shipping, asking if it can go out on a sunday (uh, no?) asking me how to get it to freaking Israel in like two days (again, no!) asking if I can drop EVERYTHING and ship this instant (this is not my day job!) and THAT'S why I told Marc I couldn't deal. And I run out of stuff, and people are heartbroken because they didn't order it in time, and I can't restock fast enough... I order fabric in 20 yard rolls, and I had one rolls that sold out in 12 days. It takes over two weeks to get the next one. That makes it really hard to stay ahead.

I just gotta breath. I'm scared because it's not really "the last minute" yet, it's only going to get worse, but I'm also reminding myself that most people are not like this, they're just happy to order their fabric, get it in 3-4 days, and make their stuff, I am really here for them. Without me they'd have to order everything printed up from spoonflower at $11 per quarter instead of $8, and wait two weeks for shipping, it'd just be impossible. Also come on, there's money for me, which we can use, I make $2-3 per quarter, so selling that 20 yard roll is an extra couple hundred dollars.

And the real upside is that my newer designs, some of which I totally love, are selling:

I don't have much time to sew anymore but I still get this steady stream of my fabric coming through the house, I get to touch it, then it goes out to be part of something.

I guess that's why anyone is on etsy.
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