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fox news on shutting down women... let's see, have we tried this before?

The article: Fox News Implores Women to Become Financially Dependent on Men: Suzanne Venker goes on Fox News to argue that women, unlike men, don’t have enough time for jobs.

Article summary: Phyllis Schlafly's niece thinks that having a career is just soooo overwhelming, women need to relax, get husbands, and let them make the money. "There's more to life than work"... okay, yes I agree, but I also believe two things:

1) Men need to have that life outside work, too. Didn't you see Nicolas Cage in "The Family Man"? It doesn't take a vagina to fail at work-life balance.

2) I wish we'd stop telling young women that if they have a career their family life is AUTOMATICALLY RUINED FOREVER.

Finally, being a feminist has given me a toolbox of questions to ask when "ideas" like this come out, like this...

Have we tried this before?

In other words, have we ever tried to have a society where women steered clear of careers so they could be the ones to raise the kids? Did it work out AWESOME for everyone? Was the world full of happy housewives baking cakes while their whistling husbands hung out with the guys all day? That's what Phyllis Schlafly would have you believe, but if you ask around you hear other perspectives:

1) There is no escape from abusive situations when men hold all the power. Look how women are treated in the world where they can't work, ask them how relaxing it is.

2) Families that needed two incomes to get by, and there were many, found themselves very limited in what the wife could contribute.

3) Women without husbands had nothing. They'd try to work, get passed up for promotions because the guy next to them "has to support a family". A single mom's kids gotta eat too, but that doesn't matter when she's not seen as someone who has to support a family.

4) Fields that need lots of voices contributing perspectives, which I guess is pretty much all of them, could only draw their talent from the male half of the population. If all you need is brute strength, try training elephants. Most fields need human intellect and find that women have a lot to offer.

I guess there's another question too, if you've read Caitlin Moran: Are the men dealing with this bullshit? Seriously, if staying home with kids is so relaxing & rewarding, why aren't men lining up in droves to switch with their wives?

Look ladies, you want to stay home, stay home. You won't have to answer to anybody but the other moms reading your blog. But if you want a career, society has to support you a little bit, you've got a boss and coworkers and all the prejudices that come along with them. We all need to change to make it work, and we have changed, thank goodness! Unless some crazies want to bring us back to their fantasy of the 1950s, which is just a fantasy anyway. It didn't work. It won't work. STFU, Fox News.
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