Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

A Very Namey Story

CHYX got its first registered male member yesterday. Way to go through the flames, guy! I love it. Alright...

This is the story of a very special website... Spacefem's Planet... and it's trips through cyberspace.

Everything starts in 1998, the summer after I graduate from high school. I start building a web page on Geocities because I'm bored on the internet - I put my poetry up there and some links, it's quite interesting. Oh, and the Militant Feminist Quiz, in all its text-only glory. I loved HTML! It was great, first I got a book from the library, then my friend Mike filled in the details the book was too dated to have for me. It was fun to get lost in, you know?

Fall 1999: I download a GIF animator and start making animated stick figure death scenes. Awful! But suddenly I'm getting all these hits out of no where, I can't believe it. I pick a cyber name finally, brainstorm a bunch of names and finally go with Space Fem. Later it became one word, I always regretted not figuring that one initially. But anyway, Spacefem's Planet is the new site and it's all black with purple letters.

I move other parts off to new sites - some college humor stuff I've writen goes to tripod, and Spacefem's Death Scenes goes through a perilous journey you don't even want to hear about - prohosting, homestead, tripod, geocities, and more. It was tough for a while there.

Time goes on and the site gets big, especially for what it is, a bunch of useless crap. Then on New Years' Eve in the year 2000 a friend with a hosting company sees another site I've done to promote my freelance design services and offers me a deal: he'll host my little websites if I sell his hosting service to my clients. I just have to pay $20 for the domain names and call it good. Wow! I tell him to get - finally after years of wanting it's mine! I know it's available, I used to check all the time when I was bored, I was prepared for destiny. I made the whole site up, the headings, the borders, new design, everything.

I miss by two days.

Okay, this is where I start crying and hating myself for crying over a stupid website that does nothing for the world. But it's reoccuring theme time: Spacefem's Planet makes me happy, and if that's what matters in life, it shouldn't be considered stupid. So I face the music and find that and .org are also taken by the same people, send e-mail to the technical contact. He seems to understand and feel bad for me, but says there are plans for the site now (I'm thinking... what? He never did tell me what the plans were, it's freaky!). I buy after I get over the heavy loss and re-do all my headings and logos.

Then out of almost nowhere I get an email from the guy about a month ago: the people who own don't have plans for it after all. I make an offer, and they take it - now I'm supposed to own, .net, and .org but it's been really slow to go through.

It's funny how this all works, I really can't describe what it is in me that loves a vanity domain. It's not brilliant stuff I'm putting out there, it's not useful, it might be entertaining on a good day. But in the end it's me, and maybe a thrown out into cyberspace call for attention is what I need sometimes. I'm glad it's all falling together finally.

So here I am, shortly after launching, about to launch almost two years late. Wish me luck, all, if you can relate to the stupidity I go through, more power to you!

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