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livejournal entry about my last ever livejournal entry

I was going to name this "my last livejournal entry" but figured that might get me more attention than I deserved... this is not my last livejournal entry.

this is just a tribute!

no really... so last month I set a goal of blogging every day and I did it! It wasn't even that hard. now I'm on a role!

Obviously I did this by scheduling posts, I wasn't going to sit down every day and write an entry but occasionally I could sit down and write 3-4 posts and just give a day to each one. So I was "ahead" by 3-8 days most of the time. It got me thinking about what would happen if I got hit by a bus... my livejournal would keep going for a few days, that would make people feel nice, so that's a plus.

The downside is that my last entry could be about, like, my kid having bad gas or something and everyone will keep checking back again and again thinking "Surely that's not the last entry?" but OH NO, it will be.

So this is just to declare that in the event of my untimely demise, Marc is in charge of getting my password (he can manage that) and posting a "nice" last entry for me. Maybe even seeking you all's input on what it should be about. It should not be a pure memorial about me, oh no, it should contain the typical things my livejournal is about. Ranting about politics, telling other people how to raise their kids, judging relationships, or subverting the patriarchy.

Or airplanes.

Trust me friends, these are all things that I think about literally every day of my life, so making up a last entry for me won't be dishonest. It'll be a favor, the hands-down right thing to do. I used to toy with the idea of crowning a new Spacefem every few years, like the dread pirate roberts, but that hasn't worked out like I planned, I might really have to end someday. Hopefully not soon. But now you'll all know what to do.

Talk to you tomorrow!
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