Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

my daily routine

A few people on my friends list are doing that 31-day post meme thing, and one of the topics is "your daily routine". I thought it'd be kinda interesting to write mine down, for posterity's sake.

Morning routing: I'm still nursing, so it all depends on when Olive wakes up. If it's before 4, I try to just feed her and get us all back to sleep. Between 4-5:30, we all go downstairs and marc and I hang out on the couch and watch TV and have some nice quiet time together. If Olive REALLY sleeps in, my alarm clock goes off at 5:30, I go have breakfast and make coffee then wake her up at 6:15 so I can feed her before I go to work.

At 6:45 I get ready for work. We can wear jeans whenever we want, but about half the time I opt for slacks, depending on how many meetings I have. Getting ready is fast because I can't shower in the mornings, it makes milk leak out of me, I shower at night.

I try to leave by 7, usually a little afterwards. I drive to the southwest side of town. It takes about 15 minutes. If I leave closer to 7:30 it takes 25-30 minutes... that's why even though I don't have to be at work until 8, I leave at 7.

Get in, make a cup of tea, dive into whatever craziness is happening right now, and it is crazy. About once a week I have a calm day where I can stop and think "What are the priorities? What have I forgotten?" But usually it's just the crisis right in front of me.

11:30 lunch. Every Monday I play trivial pursuit with some nerds in another building, and on Wednesday I play pitch with some IT guys. Fridays, our group tries to go out. Most other days I just eat at my desk. Lunch is technically 30 minute but it's more like it averages 30 minutes... it's the same for everyone. Sometimes you eat at your desk and have no break, sometimes you go out and take an hour, since I'm here early I don't feel bad anyway.

I pump twice a day so Olive has milk. Once around 9-10, once around 2-3. Takes about 30 minutes, from "find a place" to "everything is washed and ready for next time". I have my laptop and try to get work done while I'm occupying whatever room with a locked door I can find at the time. We don't have official mothers' rooms at our company but I know the good secret places, I've done plenty of scrounging around.

4:30 is time to go home. I'm usually out of here by 4:45. Rarely stay past 5.

I get home and feed the baby. Then I cut up fabric to ship out for my Etsy customers, usually about 30 minutes to pack up 3-4 orders a day, it's taking up more time than I'd like right now. Marc cooks dinner. My only daily chore is unloading the dishwasher. Josie always wants me to play with her in her room, sometimes it happens but it depends on who all needs a bath that night.

By 9pm I'm dead ass exhausted. Olive is frequently asleep at this time, Josie never is. Whatever. I go to sleep and Marc handles Josie's bedtime.

Weekends are more relaxed, still no sleeping in but we'll have more for breakfast, especially if marc can find tamales someplace. We make pancakes a lot, Josie likes those. There's cuddling on the couch, NPR on the radio, some movies, we go to the zoo or museums to entertain ourselves. We try not to eat out at restaurants much but it happens. Sometimes Josie naps in the afternoons, sometimes she doesn't. Not as much of a routine, we're just having a good time.
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