Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

coins: start the dollars, end the pennies!

According to CNN the US could save $150 million a year if we used coins for US dollars instead of bills. We print dollar bills because... I dunno, we just do. But the wear out so quickly we have to print more, and it's expensive. And it's a pain that they don't work well in vending machines. Coins would be great for that!

Instead, we still waste gobs of money making pennies which I've always said are a total waste of space and source of frustration.

Dollar coins are rare now. We kind of experimented with them, but with no plan to phase out dollar bills people didn't randomly opt-in for the change, not a huge shock. I wanted to support them though. They'd be good for us.

So friends, if you see a dollar coin, rejoice. Don't complain about the machine that kicked it out to you. Use it, spend it, keep it in circulation, it's saving us money!
Tags: ranting
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