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Marc says he wants to go back to new york city someday. That's a subject where we disagree, I'm afraid. I liked some things about New York, liked the shopping and the styles and public transportation, but I found most of the city to be so unaccomodating it left a bad taste in my mouth.

I'd heard that people weren't nice but shit, I almost got my ass kicked at a bar because I dropped the lid on a water bottle and it got into somebody's space, every little thing brings on the meanest looks.

And then there were practical issues that are probably offshoots from the base hostility... like, no public restrooms anywhere. I can even deal with the "you have to buy a coffee here to use our bathroom" idea, but cities that get lots of tourists don't even have that. They don't have to be nice to people. Every business owner says it's not his problem.

I started my anger at the guggenheim because we went on a discount night, and everyone there clearly HATED all of us who came on discount night. Intentionally making the line slow to get in, and every single bathroom was literally the worst thing I'd ever seen in my life, like they hadn't cleaned all week just to save up the disaster for us. I mean come on museum... if your entire staff hates everyone who comes on discount night why even have one?

And then we were in new york hell, on the north side with a hotel on the south side of Manhattan, I wanted to see more of the city but we had to just end the whole night because every business had a giant sign posted about how there was absolutely no public bathroom. I was desperate, started crying on the subway about it, because by the time we finally made the call to give up and go back to the hotel I was in physical pain so waiting another twenty minutes was unbearable.

What the hell do people with kids do? I guess just never go to new york city.

And I know some snob could read this and say "we're not going to accommodate you backwoods kansas hicks" and I'm saying "fine".

Where I live, we appreciate tourists, a lot, we'd love them. And I also know someone will read this and say "Well sure Kansas appreciates tourists, you don't GET ANY because you suck."

So we're topographically boring. Economically boring. Whatever you're going to say about us, at least we aren't pretending like we don't need toilets. What's the point of visiting a place like that? There's no magic for me, I can't love it. There are plenty of interesting cities that show a tiny bit of accommodation, I can go to those.
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