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My favorite holidays, in descending order

In honor of a holiday weekend I'm looking forward to, I thought I'd discuss which holidays I love and hate the most.

The most fun

Halloween - an entire day dedicated to parties and geeky cosplay fun? YES PLEASE!

Thanksgiving - all the food & family without any of the shopping or materialism.

Christmas - food & family with the shopping & materialism, damn. But it's the birth of our Lord which is a constant and fascinating mystery that I'm glad the world stops for.

World Metrology Day aka my birthday, aka a celebration of standards of measurement which is so important we should have all the parties!

Cinco De Mayo - as far as I'm concerned, a celebration of enchiladas

July 4th - fireworks have gotten so much more fun now that I live in a place where they're legal.

The most important

Memorial day, Martin Luther King day - a tie for two holidays where it's important that we stop and think about sacrifices.

Easter - Springtime, rebirth, heaven, all good things as long as we're not asking too many questions about what the resurrection of Christ has to do with chocolate bunnies.

The worst

Here are some that will not be making my favorites lists:

New Years Eve - hate to say it but it's always a big build up to a bit of a disappointment

Valentines day - oh the stupidity. how about we take the most beautiful thing in the world and somehow make it into a cliche obligation? I can't believe thinking people buy into this.

Labor day - Yes, unions did very important things at one time, but now they're basically a huge pain. I won't go into details but I could skip this holiday unless we make it more about history.

Columbus day - Basically celebrating the fact that we built this country on slavery and genocide. Great job, America.
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