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more on baby sizes

Okay I was wrong - our winter stash of baby clothes does not fit Olive all that well, they're kinda falling off her. But we're making it work.

I had to look up what the deal was with that so I went to my entries in the old june 2010 babies community - I never really got into a similar community with Olive, there was one on facebook instead, but for Josie I was active and posted almost every month with her stats & milestones.

Anyway at six months, Olive weighs 16 lbs 12 oz. Josie was up to TWENTY POUNDS.

Olive: no teeth. Josie: three, almost four.

Olive: Crashes around 8pm every night, sleeps every night until 4 or 5. Josie: Had to be swaddled to sleep around 9 or 10 I think, and woke up every 2-3 hours. (I think re-reading this triggered some post-traumatic stress in Marc, he kinda shuddered)

Olive: rolls and rolls and rolls to get where she needs to go. Josie: Would stay sitting up if you put her in that position, constantly got up on her hands and knees, was crawling and pulling up at seven months.

Olive: eyes seem to be staying blue. Josie: Eyes were really turning brown by now.

And the most obvious difference, how I can always tell in the pictures who's who, is that josie had darker skin. and eyebrows! here, see if you can tell who's who:

So it's almost like Josie was a lot further ahead, but I wonder what would happen if we could somehow know both their ages in "waking hours". Because I feel like Josie had probably had at least 50% more meals by this age since she never slept. She was just nuts.

I know they look alike, we hear that all the time, but to me it's like we have two totally different kids.
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