Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

dispatch the dreamlifterlifter?

The bad news is, a very large airplane landed at the wrong airport in my neck of the woods last night, about 8 miles north of McConnel airforcebase.

The good news is:

1) Everyone was safe, airplane unharmed, and safely departed after a night of calculations to find out whether they could take off of a much shorter runway. No WATC students were sucked up by the ginormous engines.

2) Wichita made national news and it wasn't about those koch brothers being assholes.

3) If you've ever wanted to fly a dreamlifter to cargo boeing parts around, we hear there's a job opening.

Most pilots around here are really scratching their heads about how this could happen... I mean you plan a descent at a certain point of your flight, you're generally at a much different altitude 8 miles from the airport than you are 2 miles from my airport. And although many airports look the same, you try to note things like "I'll be flying PAST a city".

But hell don't ask me, I fly 172s. Based on their distances, I can land at about whatever airport I want.

I've landed at Jabara lots of times. It's nice. Gets kinda busy though... I'd be very upset if I flew there to practice pattern work and found a boeing on the runway.
Tags: aviation
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