Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

milk/cereal steps & genetics

Josie insists on having her cereal in a bowl and milk in a cup, both separately set on the table. Then at a time she determines, when she's ready to eat, she pours her milk from her cup onto her cereal.

I always just pour myself a glass of milk and put the milk on my cereal from the jug once I get it out.

Reason for my post... is this a normal thing? Do a lot of people pour their milk in a glass first before putting it on their cereal? Josie is only the second person I've known who did it, the first being my dad. So when I see Josie doing it my mind goes into complicated conspiracy mode and I think it's a genetic quirk that skips generations, because we never taught her to do that, we always tried to give her bowls of milk and cereal already together.

Related: both my sister and paternal grandmother have/had an irrational fear of escalators. They never met. Dad thought his mom's fear just came from the fact that she didn't grow up around a lot of escalators, but my sister did, and she's always hated them... now she refuses to go down them at all. To my knowledge she has never witnessed or experienced a bloody terrifying escalator disaster that we could blame for this.
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