Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

toddler crazy of the day: the apple out the window

Damn I wish I had video of this one because the entire event took about 15 seconds, zero to crazy.

We're driving down the road and Josie's in the back seat eating an apple. She was about done with it, telling us it was down to the seeds. Marc rolls down her window and says, "Hey it's an apple core, you can just throw it out the window." So she looks over, smiles, and chucks it out.

Then IMMEDIATELY we hear "MY APPLE! IT'S GONE! I WASN'T DONE WITH IT I WANTED IT!" and there's a full-on kicking screaming carseat breakdown happening and marc and I are looking at each other wondering what the hell just happened because...

1) Josie understands how gravity works, and what happens when things get thrown
2) We just suggested that she throw out her apple core, didn't order her to do it
3) Seemed like entirely her decision

We had a similar event the week before... I made her a little yarn doll and she was trying to pull the yarn out of it. I told her not to do that, it would ruin it, and she replied, "I want to rip it up!" So okay, I don't care, it took me five seconds to make and I basically just did it to get rid of yarn (I don't even know why I have yarn). Then she has this crying breakdown holding a mess of yarn in her hands because her doll is gone.

I don't know if all three-year-olds are completely insane, or just mine. I don't get it.
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