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Coffee really makes the world go 'round. My family finally got a coffee grinder so now I really feel like I'm getting intimate with it, you know? It's good. We had some starbucks beans given to us by a friend that are alright, but I think I'm going to personally boycott starbucks for a couple reasons. They're everywhere, for one thing, they're expensive, for another thing, they do dumb annoying corporate stuff like charging sept. 11 relief workers $130 for water, that's the final thing. I have a real beef with stuff that's expensive for no apparent reason. Is it that good? Is it the best iced mocha cuppucino around? No. But on to other issues...

Anyway last night was The Big Party. We watched kid's movies, starting with The Smurfs and The Magic Flute, because not many people were there to start with so I figured I'd put in something we didn't care about. But it was taped off television in like 1985 or so, ended up being cool as hell because of the commercials on it. Mr. T cereal, castle grayskull, rainbow bright... all that stuff was so great! Hands-down best commercial was for a colleco computer. Showed this kid doing bar graphs on one of those four color screens, showing his dad later and the dad was like, "How'd you get your homework to be so great?" and the kid was like, "I had a little help!" (wink wink). Then they showed the whole system and it was so gorgeously 80's you couldn't believe it.

I think we had about 15-20 people there. A few anti-socials decided that they couldn't stand to be in the same room with one of the people I'd invited, so they spent a good portion of the night upstairs in the kitchen. This really bothered me. I mean, the party was in mike's basement, which was huge, and there were people making drinks, playing pool, watching the movie... it was easy to avoid someone if you didn't want to talk to them. And how can you possibly want to avoid anyone at one of Mike's parties? Being antisocial around mike is like being uncharitable around mother teresa. Mike is friends with everyone, sometimes too many everyones... you can totally screw mike over, be an asshole, run over his dog and burn his house down, and he'd still call you up to see how life is going because that's just the kind of guy he is. I'll never be able to be like that, but more people should be. Hell, I don't even call people I'm friends with, I'm that anti-social.

Around 11 we did a whole birthday cake for JL. I'd made a cake, which didn't come off as catastrophic as it should have considering my domestic skills, and wrote "HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLAISE PASCAL" on it in yellow icing as a joke. I figure we needed something fun to do, and there are few things more fun than making good friends feel unimportant and upstaged. Put number candles on the cake too... 379... because that's how old dear blaise is this June 19. Cut the cake and everyone was happy with life. Hey, I could have done Paula Abdul, then he really would feel worthless.

We watched Muppets From Space (yeah!) and Goonies. Then someone popped in Shrek which was just too much for me, it was like 2 a.m. and I was tired. So I got a ride home (my sister had come with me, decided to leave early and took my car) and went to bed.
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