Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

the november fall changeover list

November is the month where I do all my "winterizing" stuff in my life. Here is my transition list that I kind of mentally go through every year:

1) Change bed to flannel sheets. Add big fluffy down comforter... except last year, to marc's dismay, I never got it out. I was pregnant and too damn hot and not in the mood. Ever. All winter.

2) Switch out summer and winter clothes because I live in an old house with no damn closet space. So there's a big giant rubber storage tub that holds sweaters all summer, and tank tops all winter. As i'm putting stuff away, the summer clothes that did not get worn get thrown to the "donate" bag which we've just always got going because I've lived in this house for three years and I'm STILL trying to downsize my wardrobe to a place where it'll fit in the closets.

3) Confirm that there is an ice scraper in my car. I realize that real car people think that "winterizing" means a little more than that, but I'm not one of them.

4) Stop buying ice cream. Again, marc disagrees. But I don't eat ice cream when it's cold outside.

5) Put away halloween decorations. We go decoration-free until Christmas, I'm not suburbanite enough to have "fall" as a category.

6) Swap kids clothes. Still need to attack Josie's stuff. Olive was easy... I brought up the "12 month" size bin. Thank God both my babies were born in the spring so the baby sizes correspond to the correct seasons. The 12 month pants are a little long for her, but it's not like she's walking. They'll stay on. Oh yeah, in addition to the season things, both my babies were fatties, always in the next size up. Good deal.
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