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So apparently my idea of posting every day in November is not totally my idea! I mean obviously it wasn't because I was inspired by nanowrimo... except let's call it nanoslacker, I was just blogging. not writing a book.

But there's a whole moooovement that mrs_dragon mentioned towards me: #bloglikecrazy. It's based on the idea that writing is a sort of like a hill, if you get going and get over whatever hump you were stuck on, you build up momentum and soon you're rolling and can write like crazy, woo hoo!

I'm seven days into my resolution to blog every day, even if the entries are short. Oddly enough I've found that some short entries take just as long to write as the long entries, but this is just because of the way I've been writing. I'm not in the habit of getting to the damn point and being concise anymore on here. Trying to write shorter entries has gotten my brain spinning on a new thing and that's healthy.

Oh one more thing people... while I like encouraging bloggers to post post post, I'm kind of against their idea of having a topic-a-day to tackle. I think manufactured topics are kind of cheating. I refuse to give into the memes of blog topics, it just doesn't feel "from the heart" enough. Isn't blogging about finding your own things to say? Who wants to read everyone answering the same questions? Sorry, sounds like elitism I know, but really people unless your life is totally boring strike out on your own and tell us what's up with your life!

This has been my final meta-blogging post for the month, I promise. No more blogging about blogging :)


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Nov. 8th, 2013 03:20 am (UTC)
I think NaNoBloMo is the older/more official movement. : ) #bloglikecrazy was started by a semi-local blogger last year. Still, the concepts are the same.

I think the use of topics depends on your intent. I like blogging without the topics. BUT the topics make it easier for people who aren't used to blogging frequently to figure out what to say. Also, there is a facebook group for #bloglikecrazy and I've noticed people bonding over the topics. They write their post, then check out what everyone else had to say. Seems to build camaraderie.
Nov. 8th, 2013 10:28 pm (UTC)
You realize you just encouraged me to babble, right, and clog up your friends feed? :p
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