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Star Trek Voyager

We've been watching a lot of Voyager at my house. Honestly I'm not sure why I wasn't totally into it when it was first aired in the 90s... I think I only started watching it seriously now because I got way sucked into "Orange is the New Black" on Netflix, and was like, "Where do I know that russian chef from... ZOMG CAPTAIN JANEWAY!" Even more sucked in. I'm still made about that oven fire, but whatever, I won't hold it against Captain Janeway.

But I digress.. I'm all pissed off about a voyager episode this week, "The Chute". Tom Paris and Harry Kim are imprisoned in this awful place that turns out to be a space station so there's no escape. Everyone in prison with them is a total asshole. Tom gets stabbed, and Kim makes a deal with one prisoner who is not an asshole: Zio. They tell Zio that if he helps shelter Tom they'll take him with them when they escape. Zio is a writer and philosopher who encourages the prisoners to work together despite the implants programmed to make them fight.

Then suddenly the voyager crew rescues Tom & Kim, and I'm like wait... where's their friend? And Kim is even looking all bothered and I thought it was because he felt bad about leaving Zio behind but NOPE, it's because he almost killed tom. Well shit I would have killed tom too, he was going to die anyway!

I looked up Zio on memory alpha and it doesn't say that he was killed or maimed, I watched the last bit again, now I'm just stumped... what a bunch of assholes, voyager. not cool! am I the only one mad about this?
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