Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

what scares my toddler

Here's a quick overview of my 3-year-old's attitude towards various aspects of life this Halloween. I don't know how her brain works, so it's interesting.

"Nightmare Before Christmas" - not scary. Just awesome. She knows all the songs by heart and bounces around the house singing "THIS IS HALLOWEEN EVERYBODY MAKE A SCENE HALLOWEEN! HALLOWEEN! HALLOWEEN! HALLOWEEN!"

"Coraline" - also not scary. Scared me.

Falling off our banister onto the carpeted stairway below. Not scary. Also scared me... in fact I've been looking at the railing around those stairs for a while, wondering what would happen if she decided to skirt around the edge. I found out. She was fine. Can you say your kid "fell down the stairs" when she really only fell down the last three stairs, skipped all the others? She technically started at the same level as the top of the stairs, it was just more a "straight down" kinda fall. I said "JOSIE WHAT WERE YOU DOING?" and she replied, "being careful!" obviously not, otherwise I wouldn't have turned around to see the dangling feet right before you fell.

Zombies, spiders, convulsing bloody nurses, ax murderers etc at the halloween store all programed to spring to life when a litte kid walks by: not scary. she was grinning the whole time, screaming to act afraid, then laughing and going right up to the next monster.

Friendly party guest at our friend's house last week dressed up like a minion from "despicable me"?

scary as hell.

And she LOVES that movie, but she freaked out as soon as the guy walked in the door, ran to me and sat on my lap and said "mommy I don't like that" in her precious little voice. hell kid, really?
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