Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

my favorite shirt

Dear Dad: Sad news. I have decided to throw out my MEATHEAD FOR PRESIDENT shirt.

Here I am in it one last time... had to hold the baby for marc to take the picture so she's here too:

It's not because it has holes in it. Hell, it had holes when we BOUGHT it at that chicago thrift store in 1994. I've just been purging a lot of clothes lately because of space constraints and realized that this one has finally probably earned the right to be remembered in photos only. I've got no reason to keep it around. I know deep down inside you'll be kinda sad along with me, because you were there when I got it. And you thought it was weird, but I feel like you thought that I totally rocked it. Right? I loved it because it worked so great under overalls, and a flannel shirt on top of all that. I was awesome.

But 14-year-old me is gone. In college I realized I was a disappointment to my 8-year-old self because even though I could drive and had a little money, I was not eating McDonald's happy meals every day. In the same way, I am telling my 14-year-old self no, you do not get to live in a huge city just so you'll have an infinite selection of clothes with with unique backstories. Chicago is nice to visit but you're not going to live there as queen and take it over, especially not with obscure "All In The Family" references.

I still consider myself an ambitious, quirky individual... just not that girl. Not exactly, anyway.

Nope, now I've got my own crazy kids. As a tribute to my favorite shirt, I'll make sure they get their own weird picks that somehow escape being thrown out by a parent for a few years. Every kid needs to spend some time being weird for the sake of being weird. It was good for me. I'll remember it fondly. Now I am unique in new ways. good-bye favorite shirt.
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