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destination maternity spam rant

When I was pregnant I bought some clothes at Motherhood Maternity. They asked if I was "in their system" and I was like "what?!" because I don't like being in anyone's system - especially one that asks my DUE DATE, isn't that sort of a personal question? And they really wanted a due date. Like, she acted like she couldn't complete the transaction without one.

I balked, but the clerk said that they ask for due dates because they obviously don't want to keep extending offers & coupons to women after they're not even pregnant anymore. I was like okay, that's the first ever explaination I've heard that may justify asking for personal information on me. And I do like coupons. So I signed up, since hey, pregnancy is temporary, and presumably so will my existance in this system.

Turns out no. I'm still getting emails, eight months after the due date I gave them (which was fake early, just to spite them). I finally unsubscribed. We'll see how that goes.

I'm never trusting another store again. I already get really offended when stores ask for my phone number, I glare and say "I don't have one." I give the grocery store nothing but fake info in exchange for those discount cards.

But motherhood and destination maternity in general: you suck.



Oct. 21st, 2013 11:15 am (UTC)
Ah, places in the US that want phone numbers or zip codes. We just give them the first 10 digits of our numbers (which are 13), knowing that the result isn't anything that could be callable in the US. Before we moved, we could give "1018MZ" as our zip code, and that would always cause their system to choke. Now, we have a 5 digit numeric zip code, but I'm not sure that it corresponds to anything American.

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