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Interesting day. Woke up and did nothing for a while, then looked at the clock and felt bad about that. Then Mikey called, asked if I'd drive with him to get his car fixed. I said sure. Went to the club with my sister first and worked out. Went back to go with Mike but his car didn't make it out of the neighborhood. We pushed it back (slightly uphill) to his house.

It would seem that the oldsmobile is dead. Long live the oldsmobile. It's burned more oil in the last two days than the iraquis during the gulf war, I feel bad for mike because it sucks to not have a car and his situation is a bit desperate.

So to make ourselves feel better, we bought stuff. First I went to sonic because I was really freaking hungry. There's been practically no food in our house for the last couple days, but I can't really complain because I'm the one who ate it all. Curses! Had a cherry limeaid and a toaster sandwich, both were so awesome. I kinda always hate myself for having this tendency to crave really greasy fatty food when I haven't been eating much, but the sandwich was seriously awesome.

We picked up Steve in there somewhere, too. All went to various stores together to buy stuff for a big party that Mike and I are jointly throwing at his house tomorrow night. I am terribly excited about this one, we've managed to rack up quite a guest list. We're watching Muppets From Space and other kids movies, should be exciting and entertaining. I usually can't throw parties myself because I have control issues... first, I'm too obsesive, second, I'm too anti-social. People do stuff to piss me off ("I might be there. Who else is coming? Is anybody cool going to be there?") and I fly off the handle and call the thing off. But Mike is the perfect social coordinator for like eleven hundred reasons - he's persuasive (doesn't mind totally guilting someone into visiting), known to throw good parties, keeps in contact with the World that I never can remember to keep in contact with, all that. Only thing he complains about is the fact that he can't attract many women to the event. Most of his friends are guys. I fix that problem by, uh, being female and present, but there's not much else I can do because my friends are all guys, too. Women are funny... everyone wants to be around them (case in point: ladies' night) but everyone has trouble accomplishing this. Including me. And I am one. Kind of sends a hopeless message to the rest of you, doesn't it? Yes we're pretty and smell better and all that, but most of us exist in underground bunkers in France or something so tough luck for you. I was not invited to the underground bunkers because I was a freakish child, so there you go, only women you'll meet are going to be totally abnormal like me.

So what am I contributing to the party again? Oh yeah, I'm bringing chips, salsa, and beer that steve bought me... What was the question?

Tomorrow I'm going into The Big City to talk to a placement company. Keeping fingers crossed but not getting hopes up. Am not sure what to wear. I was just going to wear nice slacks/shirt but my family urged me to just wear the suit. To a placement company? I won't work for them. But I've heard that it's hard to be too formal in an "interview", so I guess I could just go with it.

Dryer just buzzed, sheets are clean! Bedtime!
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