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the devil wears scrubs... [a book! read it!]

You guys, litlebanana wrote a book! If you comment on my journal, you know her as the doctor with two baby girls who chimes in to support science and women's rights, well she's a published author now too... I'll admit, I'm a little jealous. Especially when I read her book and it was so delightful, and I'm not just saying that because I'm her friend. I knew it'd be awesome, I read her blog so I know she can write, so I bought the real paper copy which you all know I never do.

Here it is on amazon

It's about a first-year medical intern going through the hell that is a first-year medical internship... I know what you're worried about, I also read the gist and thought "eh, it'll be like grey's anatomy meets devil-wears-prada meets bridget jones diary meets scrubs" But I started reading it and after about 10 pages figured well at least it's a fast read. And the further I got into it all this hilariously original little story threads start to emerge - the poor girl lives with a roommate she never meets, learns the importance of standing up for herself, has a complicated relationship with her patients that's half love, half eye-rolling.

and she's so much smarter than those flakes in grey's anatomy.

AND she also drops hints that make you think a lot about the double-standards for women in competitive fields, hints that for me could have been expanded a little more because I LOVE that stuff, but nobody wants a novel to go from funny to soap-box philosophy (too ayn rand) so I guess it's good that the hints just stay hints - save the rest for the sequel.

So if you think the genre of medical industry personal stories is flooded, IT'S NOT. Go read "The Devil Wears Scrubs", it will make your weekend, even moreso when you pause to think that the author is one of our girls from livejournal land! how cool!
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