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positive iud stories - here's mine

Recent article on NPR lately: It's Time To Rediscover The IUD, Women's Health Advocates Say.

It's about how IUDs are very reliable forms of birth control but a low percentage of women choose to use them. Probably because they're so damn expensive... mine were I think $800-$1000. But free to me, because both times I got them in I'd just had a baby and blown past my healthcare deductible.

I wanted to write a quick entry about my experiences, because the internet tends to be filled with only the bad stories about stuff like this, only angry people speak up. The rest of us who make up the majority don't have anything terribly exciting to say, so the only stories you hear are negative. So I want to chime in with a story about everything being okay.

I got my first IUD when Josie was about four months old. Marc and I were at a party talking to a friend who had a baby just a little older than ours. Our friend had just announced that she was pregnant again. She was all perky telling us, "It was so funny, I was still breastfeeding, hadn't even had a period back yet, but I guess it was time for the next baby, lol!" We LOLed and said congratulations, and she walked off, and Marc and I looked at Josie and looked at each other and we both had faces with fear-levels sort of like in "The Ring", you know? We hadn't really been sleeping together much, because we hadn't really been sleeping period, but after hearing that story we wanted SERIOUS BIRTH CONTROL. We loved Josie but that baby was nuts, she'd was just barely starting to grow out of her "I'm going to scream at you 24/7" stage and we felt like we'd been hit by a truck. (of love! of course!)

When Josie was a little over two years old we decided maybe we could do the baby thing again, I got the IUD out, had a period a month later, then I was pregnant. How about that. It took 4-5 cycles to conceive Josie and I'd already been off the pill for a while, but I guess with IUDs everything just clicks right back into place. And now we have Olive.

And I have my second IUD. Because once again, we love babies. But Josie is still insane. Ha ha, just kidding... it's not just Josie, she's calmed down, she's even cute most of the time now and very creative, but you know how it is. We're probably done with babies but since the IUD isn't permanent we didn't have to make any HUGE declarations, write it all in stone, that sort of thing.

Both times, insertion was no big deal... I took some ibuprofen, had a 15 minute doctor's appointment, then sat on the couch watching TV for an afternoon in case I got crampy (the cramps were no worse than a period though). The next day I was fine. Then a few weeks of spotting. Then no periods! And I love having no periods. And I'm still breastfeeding even though I got the hormonal IUD (Mirena), there's been no decrease to the milk supply, everything is cool.

I would recommend and IUD to about anyone, even though I too have read the side effects, if you think those are bad you should see the side effects of NOT using birth control. Hell just yesterday my angel threw a half-hour tantrum because I got the SPOON out of a drawer for her BEFORE putting milk on her cereal (have I mentioned that I love her?) then in the afternoon she refused to drink her milk unless she could have five straws and they had to be different colors... that sort of thing. Babies! Yay!

IUD! Yay!
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