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affordable care act

I want to write a few sentences as a timestamp about how the country is right now with obamacare going into effect, because I think in 20 years we'll look back at this and ask ourselves why it was SOOOO freaking difficult.

And we'll be amazed! Look... when I graduated college, the second you got out, you got kicked off your parent's health insurance because you weren't a full-time student. If you got a job right away, you were lucky. If you got a job that provided benefits, even luckier. If you got a job that provided benefits right away... I don't know, no one had that happen! The "luckier" ones of us still had to wait 1-6 months for our stuff to kick in! My parents insurance covered me during that time, but it wasn't going to work for much longer... most of my friends didn't even have that. They just drove carefully and hoped for the best.

On what planet is that a good idea?

Then even with insurance, if you got cancer, they could say "Oh crap we just realized you had acne medicine 15 years ago, that might be related to a pre-existing condition, we're not paying for this." And you'd delay... wait for treatments, wait for doctors, try to arrange things, go bankrupt.

No job? Private insurance was in the thousands. You can't buy it, the companies have no incentive to compete for your business as an individual, they just want the big groups because they assume if you're buying private insurance, you're a sick person who won't bring them a profit. No one who's healthy buys insurance. that's what's controversial about obamacare... the law that says we all buy in, so that the individuals who NEED insurance won't be seen as liabilities. It makes perfect sense to me!

And now all these tea partiers are trying to shut down the whole government because they don't want to fund a bill that corrects these GROSS SYSTEMIC ERRORS... I hope history remembers them for the idiots they are.

I'm sorry, libertarian friends, I know I used to be one of you, but healthcare is just not something where the rules of supply and demand are going to work for us. Was the affordable care act perfect? Was it simple? No. But it was something! I didn't see republicans wanting to do ANYTHING, and that's one of the biggest things that's driven me to the left in recent years.

Then obamacare comes up and says you can stay on your parents insurance until you're 26, they can't discriminate over pre-existing conditions. Finally. And some party is trying to block it. They want to just keep going with our reverse-lottery system, where most people just count on getting lucky, staying employed, staying healthy, and it sorta works. Until it doesn't and your life is screwed and society writes you off. Well as a young person, I feel like I've been threatened with cliff for way too long and I'm sick of it and that's how I feel, in 2013, on the eve of when this bill is supposed to go into effect.

Surely, surely, we won't let some assholes screw this up?
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