Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

spacekid the preschooler

here's josie these days:

We were growing out her bangs, but last week she gave herself a haircut. To be honest, she didn't do such a bad job. The back looks a little messy but the front is sort of a nice frame. But we have considered maybe limiting her scissor access a bit.

here are her skills as an artist. these are dry erase board pictures. we also provide paper for her to color on but most of it is from the recycle bins at my office so I'd have to photoshop out any proprietary information showing through the back before I post them online, you know how that is.

From left to right: 1) I think this is a spider. Everything has a mouth, nose, two eyes, and legs on the bottom, no matter what it is, so it's hard to tell, but she does draw a lot of butterflies also and the difference is that they have wings sticking out the sides. but still legs on the bottom. 2) A big flower being watered by the rain 3) Her name - this was actually one she did before preschool, I took the picture so we'd have something to compare later in the year.

She's loving preschool. Her teachers have said she's just fine - they're impressed with how well she eats her snacks and lunch. Yup, that's Josie. She likes showing me all the stuff they make. This week she got to be line leader and that was pretty exciting, in fact it's the only thing she's remembered to tell me about without tangible evidence, usually she needs a finished craft project to tell me about preschool. But she told me all about being a line leader.

And several hours after I got home, we were hanging out in the kitchen and she brought it up again, but this time it was in a sad tone... "Mommy? Some of the kids don't stay in line." I asked if that made her sad, she said it did. I asked if she stayed in line and she said yes (in that "duh" tone) she was the line LEADER.

I brought this all up to Marc and he rolled his eyes and said "I've seen her in line at preschool, she's terrible at staying in line. It's really important on the stairs because everyone has to hold the handrail and she's zigzagging back and forth like she's crazy. But I'm glad to hear that when she's line leader she wants to RULE WITH AN IRON FIST."

So later I asked her if she was going to stay in line now to help the line leader and she just said she liked being the line leader. I tried to get her to relate her experience as line leader to how other line leaders feel when she's out of line, it was quite a discussion, she was not seeing at all how any of it applied to her.

I have to admire her ambition.
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