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comparing babies

I feel bad about always doing the compare & contrast on my own kiddos, especially since I've read about what a complex kids get from their families putting them in "roles". this one is the "smart one" and this one is the "creative one", that sort of thing... they grow up feeling limited. but when I was pregnant with olive, a coworker said "it will amaze you how different they are, from day ONE" and he was right. two babies, same parents, very different. It'll be interesting how this all plays out when they get older.

When Olive was a newborn everyone was like "zomg, you had another jojo!" but let's face it, a lot of newborns kinda just look like newborns. I'm not saying they look totally different, but in pictures I can certainly tell who's who.

Here's Olive, riding a turkey:

And here's baby Jojo in her panda jammies:

Both babies were good eaters. They have big round cheeks and fat sturdy legs. Both are strong for their age and ahead of the weight curves.

The most obvious difference is the skin color. Again I swear they've got the same two parents, but Josie is brown and Olive is white. Josie had eyebrows that you could see, and fuzzy brown hair. Olive is down to some reddish-brown fuzz and not much else on her head. Even when she was born, Olive's hair was lighter than Josie's, it was never that dark black like Marc's. Josie's hair isn't totally black anymore, actually it looks like it's exactly 50% between Marc and I, so it's hard to predict all the changes but as babies there's a difference.

I still don't trust the eye color on Olive. Yes she has blue eyes, but it was December before I noticed Josie's eyes turning brown. We'll see on that.

Behavior-wise olive is a lot more relaxed that Josie (thank God). Josie did nothing but scream. Olive just wants to lay around and suck her thumb. We've stopped swaddling her arms, which is crazy because josie would not sleep unless swaddled for like nine months... and even then, she didn't sleep all that well. Olive regularly sleeps through the night. With Josie I think I got a full night's sleep about, oh, four times in her first 18 months. And when Olive wakes up, it's a single wakeup at 2 or 3 AM, then she sleeps until 7 or 8. Josie's 3AM wakeups were only after the midnight & 1AM wakeup and before the 5 AM one.

Sometimes Marc will throw Olive around a little too fast and she gets scared and cries. This is weird for us, because there was nothing you could do to scare baby Josie. Marc constantly just flung her around, spun her upside down, tossed her up in the air, and she'd just giggle. Her favorite thing was near-death experiences. olive's favorite thing is to just sit and talk with someone, she loves voices, or she can just stare at a lamp.

So that's what we see so far. Olive is a baby, so most things about her are still just "baby". I think around 12-18 months I noticed Josie's social traits a little more, she actually cared to play with other kids. And from 6-12 months she ate solid foods and we got to know her favorites, she still loves tomatoes. Olive likes milk? Maybe Josie liked night milk better and Olive likes day milk, that's the deal with the sleep? Who knows. I forget when Josie started dressing herself but trust me, she is quite opinionated now on what she wears. And we let her dress herself because hey why not. Olive will have that adventure ahead of her, and we'll get to see if all toddlers are just as crazy as the first one, that'll be fun.
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