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feminism vs. humanism: 7 reasons why I prefer the F-word

Maybe feminism is on its way up, people. There was that whole election thing, and my issue of this month's Glamour magazine actually said "calling yourself a feminist" was a new "do" (as opposed to their "don't"... like floral leggings). I have hope.

They also had some celebrity quotes on both sides of the issue this huffington post article is full of the same sentiment. There were the feminists (yay team!) and the others, who mostly said "Well I like women but I like men too so I'm more of a humanist. I think we should help everyone."

Here, I'll just number my list of reasons why the "I'm a humanist therefore too good for feminism" cliche drives me crazy:

1) You're acting like every gain for women must be a loss for men, like equality is a glass of water and we can only give it to women by unfairly hurting someone else. Oh no, men have "lost" the "right" to beat their wives, is that the sort of stuff you're worried about?

2) You are really throwing feminists under the bus. Gloria Steinem fought for all kinds of people, you're saying she must have been a man hater because she wanted a word for the work she did for women's rights?

3) You're letting the other side define feminism for you. Everyone who loves the status quo certainly hates feminism, and says we're all about making women rule the world with iron fists. That's what you're buying into.

4) You're not adding what you have to the label. We need perspectives from all races, economic backgrounds, countries, religions... you are taking your toys and going home. Why?

5) The overwhelming majority of trafficked slaves are women and children. Nearly 90% of injured victims of intimate partner violence are women. You really don't think it makes any sense to ask what is it about society's attitudes towards women that causes this? (see also: the if only there was a word pin)

6) You're saying that feminism doesn't deserve to be a distinct discipline. It would be like my airplane company eliminating the electrical engineering department because it's not fair to focus on a particular area... we should just dump 6 tons of sheet metal into a hangar with 500 people and yell "go at it!"

7) There are many countries where women & girls are treated horribly, both from a cultural and a legal aspect. The work of feminism clearly is not done.

Look... I'm a humanist too, and an environmentalist, I've even blogged about causes like eliminating pennies from circulation to save taxpayer money, vaccinating your kids, flouride in city water, I spent a TON of hours fighting for gay rights. Some of it was kinda related to feminism, some wasn't. Being a feminist doesn't stop you from doing other wonderful things and helping everyone. It just means you're on our team too.

Do not let the other side tell you that feminists are wealthy bitchy hairy-legged lesbians who detest married women and eat babies. Admit that women deserve a movement. Because don't we? Don't we still have problems in the world that are unique and deserve their own set of questions and lens of investigation? Shouldn't this be a "thing"? We have a word for it, it starts with an F, don't be one of those haters trying to screw it up!
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