Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

Tina Fey - Bossypants

A couple weeks ago some friends invited me over to watch Mean Girls because we found someone who HADN'T WATCHED IT (gasp) and it reminded me that oh yeah, Tina Fey wrote a book too that I meant to read. Bossypants! I already love Tina Fey and I imagine most of you all do too, so I won't say too much to ruin the book, it's part memoir, part showbusiness insiderness, some good feminism, with some motherhood thrown in... since I'm still breastfeeding, her pages on that fun may be among my favorites. We tried the football hold, the cross-cradle hold, and one I like to call the Bret Michaels, where you kind of lie over the baby and stick your breast in its mouth to wake it up.

She's got life lessons learned from improv, asks why she got more hate mail than any man who ever impersonated a VP candidate, and never takes her fame or success for granted.

Well, I do wish she'd written more about Mean Girls.

Still totally worth a read, especially if you're an SNL or 30 Rock fan, she writes a lot about what made/makes those shows so wonderful. I finished this book fairly quickly and it's got plenty of LOLs between the leadership advice, that's what makes it so cool.
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