Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

free spoonflower swatch day

Hope this doesn't sound too "sales-y"... I don't think it does, because it's for something free.

Spoonflower has a new "performance knit" fabric that prints out very nicely. I already have a swatch - it's kinda silky-feely. Not very stretchy but would work nice for skirts or something, it doesn't unravel at all which gives it some possibilities.

Anyway they're giving away free 8" test swatches.

I'd be flattered if you wanted one of my designs printed on it :) - I am especially proud of my collections for computer geeks and feminists.

The coupon code is "PKSWATCH". You do need a spoonflower account. This is only running for about 24 hours. and yes, shipping is free too.

If you don't sew, hey, frame it. Use it to clean your glasses. Who cares. It's just fun, and it might get you addicted to spoonflower like I am but that's just a risk you have to take.
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