Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

spam rant, thoughts on working at fazoli's

Okay, so I'm having SPAM issues...

First off, one of my e-mail has been basically rendered useless by attachment spam. I'm getting up to five e-mails a day with 100K attachments from spammers, often with no explination, just the attachment. If I don't check it often enough, my account fills and nothing comes through. I think I'm going to e-mail the company behind my address and tell them that this is why I'm leaving, there is no way to block this stuff.

Second, I'm getting SPAM to my web design address advertising rape porn. The subject will be something plain, like "RAPE", and if I read the e-mail (like I did today because I was hoping it was maybe for a better cause than it was) it's an advertisement for, yes, rape porn sites. This really bothers me on several levels and for obvious reasons. I don't want to see it, don't want to think about it, am not even sure it should be legal. It goes beyond just being annoying spam. Am thinking about doing research to get these spammers kicked off ISPs, but I'm not even sure how to start that or how much good it will do. I just can not describe how awful it makes me feel seeing it in my inbox.


On a lighter note, Dave came down this weekend. We went to a family cookout (all the aunts and uncles) last night and played croquet, then today we woke up early and went to the arbouretum to walk around for a few hours. It was really nice out, we just sort of circled the trails until it got hot. Saw lots of squirrels and they were merry :)

Then we did some shopping... went to MicroCenter and other computer stores for a bit and ate lunch at Fazoli's. I love Fazoli's! Been craving it for like weeks. I could actually see myself working there, I mean come on, it wouldn't be a great career move or involve computers or anything, but it would be really, really tasty. I'd eat ravioli and breadsticks every day! And french bread pizza, and water with fresh lemon in it. It's so blissful to think about! But I know I didn't go through four years in college to work in food service, so I'm going to put it as a last resort. Might not be such an awful last resort though :) Those panini sandwiches are so incredible!

Have heard from friends that wherever you work in food service, you'll hate the food there after three months. I don't believe that could happen there though. I mean, I'll get sick of pasta maybe, but then there's pizza! Could get sick of cheap italian in general, but then there's salad! I'm immune to getting sick of salad. I once worked in a shoe store for a summer and a christmas and wasn't sick of shoes, I still bought a pair every paycheck.

Anyway, Dave and I came back and took a nap together on the couch. I'm not good at taking naps. I don't wake up right from them, I can't explain it, I'm always grouchy and lethargic (kind of like most people are in the morning, I guess). So it took me a while to get okay with the world, talk to Dave about life, send him back to Des Moines.

And that was my Monday. I feel unproductive for some reason, but that's the way it goes. Maybe it's because Dave showed up just as I was about to start the flash chapter on action script? I should have gotten to it sooner but I was so facinated by advanced shape tweening I couldn't do it, took me all day to get through masking because I kept playing with stuff. Drat. Must keep moving on.
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