Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

baby video - the rolling over thing

Just a few weeks ago a gal in my office with a baby was telling me she "worked with" her daughter all weekend on rolling over and I was like pshhh, that's a first time parent thing. A teeny bit of experience shows you that mobility only brings craziness. And is rolling over even a milestone we care about? With Josie I was always reading "ahead" on the development charts to see when she'd be doing the next big thing to write home about. With Olive, I'm a lot more happy with her just being a tiny baby.

So I have not been offering her any tips, aid or instruction in doing anything other than just laying around being cute.

But approaching four months, this is when it happens... every time I laid her on the floor last night she launched into a determined frenzy to flip over to whatever side she wasn't on. And I had to admit it was cute, and I was proud, and wanted a video of it. I had to start it about midway through the process because it takes her forever to roll over right now, she still has to connect up a lot of stages, but it happened. A lot. Guess this means we can't leave her on the couch and wander off.

poor babies have to work so hard to move their giant heads around. I wonder what percentage of olive's 15 pounds is residing in her face right now.
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