Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

walking my dog

I think I'm posting this entry so you all can guilt me into doing the right thing... or something.

I really like having a dog, and I know I should walk her every day, but it just doesn't happen. I get home from work, Josie (age 3) is clamoring for my attention, marc (the work-from-home-dad) needs a break, the baby needs nursed, the dog needs walked. And I just feel torn.

Josie is heartbroken when I walk without her, half the time I avoid the walks it's just so I don't have to deal with her acting like I'm evil for leaving her behind. But it's really hard to walk the dog and take Josie in the stroller. It turns the whole walk into a balancing act, and I have to carefully avoid all routes where a playground is in sight.

Marc has bad ankles that have induced a horrible fear of the brick streets in our neighborhood, fair enough. He only works out on treadmills. Also, he doesn't like the dog, I might as well face it, this is my dog. I need to give her walks.

For a while there I was waking up at 5am and going running with her and we both really enjoyed that, but then I got pregnant sick. Now days, since baby #2 isn't sleeping through the night quite yet I need a little more sleep, and nursing takes up that much more more precious morning time before work.

Tonight I told myself that I was going to come home, eat dinner, and tell Josie "tough luck kid you have to occupy yourself while I walk the dog" but I couldn't do it, Josie was outside getting mosquito bites and when I implied that I'd give her a bath to make them feel better she was naked in about five seconds running around yelling "bath time! bath time!" I handed Marc the baby and went to wash Josie and am sitting here blogging while she plays.

My dog does have a three-year-old to wrestle with all day, that's more exciting than some dogs have it. The family is at home, there's a kid to chase, they do a lot of laps together. I know that's not the same as a walk.

Everyone says dogs are so good for kids, you'd think it would be easier to explain to them that I need 15 minutes outside every night without them! Makes me feel guilty for leaving marc, but crap, I just can't figure out how to make this work out right now. What am I doing wrong?
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