Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

why I'm not flying, part II, and toddler adventure requests

Every time Josie sees an airplane, she tells me "Mommy I do want to go on an airplane ride!" and it makes me feel just awful! Worst pilot mom ever! We haven't flown since October, when I got pregnant-sick. Then I was healthy but didn't think it was worth getting current again for two months of flying, when I'd just be too pregnant to fly.

And now I have to rush home after work to nurse the baby, no time to go up with a CFI to make sure I still remember how to land. Per FAA requirements you need three landings within 90 days to be passenger current, but our flying club says if you let that lapse, you have to take an instructor with you. Which is fine. I'd need one anyway. I once had a rusty flight because I'd gone 50 days and had trouble multi-tasking, things were just noticably not as automatic in my brain as they should have been.

Also, you can't fly when you have a baby waking you up every few hours every night. Olive is a pretty good sleeper for 10 weeks old, we get some five hour stretches now and then. but she's still a baby.

So anyway I told Josie we could go on an airplane ride when baby olive gets bigger, I don't like to blame things on her little sister but it's kinda true.

Maybe I shouldn't feel bad, because Josie also keeps mentioning that she's never been in a spaceship, and I'm like kid I'm right there with ya, I think we deserve to go to space, but life isn't fair.

She told me last week she'd never been in a really tall building, and when I thought about it, she might be correct. Wichita isn't known for its skyscrapers and most buildings aren't big enough to justify public observation decks. I might have to research this.

Finally, she asked when she'd get to see a real dinosaur, and we had to break it to her that they all died millions of years ago. Talk about a downer for the day. I'd come to terms with that at some point but when I had to tell her the truth I had to admit I was a little bummed out myself.
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