Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

good morning!

Just thought I'd check in and say, oh I don't know, mad propz to all my homiez or something like that. I feel bad in a not good way. Woke up today at like 7:30, I just opened my eyes, looked at the clock and thought, "What did I just do that for?" Open my eyes, I mean. I just don't feel like I should be awake yet (and I woke up like two hours ago, if that tells you anything.)

Had a bit of a rant last night at like 3:30 I suppose? Yeah, I went in and edited the security on that one to be friends-only. Maybe that's not secure enough.

Did have a good time last night. Am kind of wondering who thinks less of me, who I made a fool of myself in front of, how I got that drunk (I don't remember being that drunk in a really, really long time), all those morning thoughts.

My freshman year I used to party all the time with my (then) good friend Jenny. I kept those mini hostess doughnuts in my room so in the morning she'd come over and we'd "do doughnuts" together, talk about the happenings of the previous night, who we accidently gave our phone number too, which stairs we fell down, etc. Eventually we'd not even have doughnuts involved in the picture, but we'd say we were doing doughnuts just because it was a metaphore for, um, something wonderful.

Glad Mike was driving everywhere last night, that's all I can think of to say right now. Will not be spouting personal stories like I said I would in previous entry, that will have to wait until a much, much later date.
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