Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

kids and fireworks

what an awesome idea for a combination, right?

Where I grew up fireworks were all illegal. I mean ALL illegal. I was like 20 before I knew what a roman candle was. to me, fireworks were something you went to watch some professionals shoot off.

my husband, on the other hand, was one of those kids who grew up flinging lit bottle rockets at his friends, in one of those towns where everybody'd heard about the kid who lost sight in both eyes one 4th of july, just figured it wouldn't be them.

In Wichita, there's no city fireworks display and people here just go nuts, I think technically the law is "nothing shoots over six feet" but you see everything, right in the neighborhood.

Josie asked me last weekend what all the noises were, she's been a little freaked out about storms lately since we had some close tornadoes, so I told her they were fireworks and figured hell, buy her some fireworks, she's three, lol. This might have all been an awful idea, but Sunday night we had a good time lighting sparklers and tiny little tanks, and I got a few of those shower things to sit back and watch, that's as big as anything is getting.

I thought Josie would be freaked out by the fire... nope. She loved it. Way too much, actually. Kinda obsessed now. We're making her wait until Thursday to do anything else but she keep asking and telling everyone about it... so of course now I'm reading all these articles reminding me how horribly unsafe everything is!

She behaved very well, stood perfectly still next to our giant bucket of water waving her sparkler around, that's good right?

Someone at work said they were doing that thing where you poke a hole in the bottom of a solo cup, put it on the kid's hand as sort of a "sparkler guard"... I'm not sure that's a good idea. Seems like that would prevent you from feeling that the sparkler has gotten hot, the universal signal that it's time to put it out, and you'd end up not only with burns but burns with melted solo cup in them.

there's gotta be a compromise... something in between hiding your child inside for a week, and burning someone's face off. oh, and of course i'm already concerned that josie loves seeing things lit on fire. I won't tell my childhood stories here because mom reads my blog and doesn't know it all yet, but we did some stupid stuff... not with fireworks, just fire itself. all this talk of dangerous situations, well, it just makes me think of summer.
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