Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

a big week for marriage equality?

In 2005 I volunteered infinity hours trying to stop Kansas from passing a stupid constitutional amendment outlawing same-sex marriage forever. I knew full well Kansas would pass it, because that's what happens when you let a majority rule on minority rights... it's like going into a conference room and asking everyone "Hey, you think Bob should make us all lunch?" But we fought anyway, so we could look at ourselves in the mirror, like the string players on the titanic.

Flash forward to 2012... states like Michigan were actually starting to strike discrimination bills DOWN by popular vote. About damn time!

And now in 2013 we've got some Supreme Court decisions coming out, maybe even today, about whether California's prop 8 is constitutional, or DOMA - the federal law that says if you get married in a state that allows same-sex marriage but then cross the state line, you're not married there. And it effects the rights of federal employees for benefits sharing. It's a big deal.

So here's hoping. We're all just sort of holding vigil.

If you live in Kansas, be sure to RSVP to the KEC rallies, wherever yours may be: (facebook event).

I love being married. I'd feel so much better about marriage in general if it wasn't being held up as a privilege divider between the straight and the gay, if we could just move on. We'll get there, even if it's not this week. I'm just excited about whatever time it happens.
Tags: gay rights
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