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netflix DVD queues

I was making fun of marc because every time we start talking about a movie and realize it's not on netflix instant watch, we add it to our DVD queue, and he puts it in position #1 so we get it NEXT. I told him this was yet another symptom that he's a little attention-deficity (if that's a word) because I like to just add DVDs to the queue and not bother bumping anything to the top, just let each one come in the order it will. Half the time, by the time a movie gets to me, I forget even adding it. It's a nice surprise. For what it's worth though Marc also does not like surprises, he's that guy who shakes the Christmas presents. not just as a kid... now.

But then I realized Netflix wouldn't have the nice "add to position #1" button after you queue something if this wasn't something that half the population was afflicted with, this need to have whatever's in your head right away. so what the hell, figure I'll poll you friends to see how your queue is/was/would be managed, if you've ever had or imagined a DVD mailing service similar to netflix.

new DVDs in the queue tend to go...

in their place. surprise me later!
straight to the top, I want it now!
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