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Well, I got inspired today and created a community. It's called tall, and it's for people who are, well, tall. I figure it should be quite a hit with the #beos crowd since there's an unusual number of tall people in there. I don't see it every growing to gigantic proportions (npi!), but there are certain topics I'd just like to discuss and there weren't any communities for the vertically gifted out there yet, so I did one. Go me!

In other news, my sister took me out to lunch today and it was very fun. We went to Houlihan's and did our usual routine: spinach artichoke dip, split an entree, split a desert. I must learn to make spinach artichoke dip, even if it won't be like the stuff they have at Houlihan's (which is like totally orgasmic) it still can't be bad. And it's good for you, because it's got spinach! Vitamin A totally rules!

Then we went to victoria's secret because they're having the bin sale (you know, where everybody digs through bins of marked down undies in a most relentless fashion to get good deals and marvel at the weirdness that sometimes ends up in there). I didn't feel much like looking at underwear though because I recently discovered that wal-mart (yes) sells the softest cotton panties for $.88 each, which makes $2.99 look like a really crappy deal. Yes, they fall apart in the dryer, but dammit so do the ones from Victoria's Secret! And who cares if panties fall apart? It means you get to throw them out and buy new ones, and you always feel cool about yourself wearing cute new underwear. I do still buy my bras at VC, but that's only because they've got that one perfect style there that will never go away and fits great so I can (here's the beautiful thing) buy new bras without trying any on. Ah! Because it's my size! Trying on bras totally blows.

And now I am home. Meant to call my bank today, that didn't happen. Meant to apply for some jobs, that didn't happen. But hey, you can't be productive every day. I did work out this morning, so that was fun. I feel stronger. I weighed myself (for no apparent reason, since I'm not really trying to lose wieght) and I weigh the exact same amount I did last week to the pound, so I don't think I gained any muscle. But I'll tell myself I did.

Useless Quiz has taken over in scary ways. I recently installed some pretty advanced tracking scripts so I can see who is going where, and it's so fun, because I can about track people as they visit my web site (I can see you!) I just always have issues when other pages of my site are beating out my index page. Sigh. Okay, but here are the values from the last 48 hours. These aren't unique visitors, they're just hits, but still, damn.

Useless Quiz - 5781 (34%)
Useless Blobs - 4942 (29%)
skip the other quizzes
Index Page - 768 (4 %)

Average number of documents requested by vistor: 2.792

Taking over! It feels good to be getting tons of hits (for me), I just get like this awful identity crisis in that the only parts getting hits are the ones made to make fun of the internet. And I'm not even sure people understand that they're being made fun of here, I think half my visitors just think it's all really, really cute. No one wants insight, intellect or personality, huh? That's culture for ya.
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