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what i've been watching on netflix

I've watched a lot of TV this maternity leave. Maybe it's a novel thing to me since I haven't had time to watch TV much since Josie was born, or we watch so much of her stuff or spend time marking the non-TV hours with just the radio on so we don't rot her brain. But with the baby, and the time off work, I've caught up on some shows. If Marc takes Josie to the store, I used to be productive... sew, clean, organize, do projects. But with a baby around, most of the time you just have to hold the baby. Or nurse the baby. Or stare at the baby. There are also the 3 am "crap she's not going to sleep, one of us has to take her" times. My willingness to take a turn at this seriously depends on where I'm at on a season of something on netflix.

So let's see... I caught up with Mad Men even though the end of season 5 was so FREAKING sad. And am I the only one who had to look up who the "phantom" was, are we really supposed to remember his brother from season 1? Wow.

Marc and I both got way into "Flying Wild Alaska". I had watched an episode or two before but wasn't sure I wanted to spend my days working on airplanes, just to come home and watch a show about airplanes. But it turns out the show is awesome! I do love the flying talks, hearing about the crazy weather, and in between airplanes Marc loves that the show is just sort of about native americans being their awesome selves.

I loved "Call The Midwife", didn't want to watch a show about childbirth at first since I just went through childbirth, but it covers a lot of other cool topics and it's really about womanhood and relationships.

I watched some movies. My favorite genre this summer is history and period pieces. I finally saw all of "The King's Speech". Watched the Robert Redford version of "The Great Gatsby"... I liked that book when I read it a million years ago. We got "Marie Antoinette" on DVD.

Josie's favorite movie right now is "Wreck it Ralph" because half the movie is set in a giant land of candy with racecars, she told me for her birthday she wants a rainbow candy car. This is not happening, or can't happen, but it's cute to see her enthusiasm.

Finally, if anyone is bored, I'd suggest having a movie marathon: Films About Children of Coal Miners Trying to Escape. Man, is there any job portrayed as hopelessly as coal mining? Is it really that depressing? Should we send a memo to all children of coal miners that their lives are THE WORST, they are in the most dire of all escape situations, based on popular movies? The titles I've found to illustrate this so far are:

Billy Elliot
October Sky
Hunger Games

And what the heck, "Star Trek: Nemesis" because even though the evil clone doesn't have parents who are miners, he is trying to escape a dark place and there's that same scene where he's looking up at the sky wondering what possibilities life could bring if it wasn't for the crappy place he was being lowered into.

Anyway as you can see I'm learning all kinds of things from my couch this month, who says maternity leave can't be productive. I'm feeling practically accomplished.
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