Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

on wrapping paper (and my bird, and schools, and JL)

Pretty effective day today until I left the house. That should teach me, huh? The Flash lessons are going well, actually they're very fun, but it'll be nice to finish this book so I can start my Perl lessons which will take place on the Linux partition. I get to missing Linux when I'm out of it for a few days, I really do. The command prompt, KDE's multiple desktops, xmms. It's all very pleasant for me.

I left the house to turn in a job application for the local school district, and that went okay. I dressed up. Wore a nice shirt and slacks and uncomfortable shoes, the whole bit. Turned in the application with a resume and got the name of a person to call on Monday, so go me! Whatever job I could get there will probably pay less than nothing, but it will get me some experience and I'll get to work with The Future (which I may find scary).

Then I went shopping which was a total disaster, construction everywhere, parking lots torn up, and no store had thread to match a melon orange halter top that needs repaired. I bought wrapping paper for dad's fathers day gift. He's a guy, so I know I could just put a bow around the brown cardboard box and call it good and he'd never care (because guys are just like that, uhrg) but I can't let myself be so uncreative. I love wrapping packages. That's like the #3 thing I like about Christmas, behind the food and the birth of our Lord and Savior. (I guess if I was a good christian, the food would come in second. crap!) I love seeing packages wrapped up next to each other, I love watching other people open them. I don't really care about presents I get, I mean, I'm not like disapointed when someone hands me a present in a gift bag with some tissue. But when I'm the giver, it has to be beautiful.

Is that a male/female thing or an artist/not artist thing?

Final bit of news, I got laserith to start up a journal. You real life people will know him as JL, my faithful bowling league team member. If you get bored, go tell him that he's inherently boring for being a computer programmer, he likes that.

Okay, no, I have to do a parakeet update. Currently Aggy is sitting on his swing, and every time it swings forward he stretches to chew on this branch thingy for like two seconds, then he lets go and it swings back, then it goes forward and he'll stretch to chew on the thing but misses, looks all dissapointed, finally the swing gets close enough and he gets another two seconds of chewing. He could get up and sit on the branch to chew on it, but no, this is much... cuter I guess :)
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