Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

nicest way to turn down pizza?

so this'll sound super snobby but we've had two friends this week call and say "you had a new baby, we totally want to help, how about we come visit some night and bring pizza over, just tell us what night!" well since pizza is the easiest/cheapest takeout food option, we did that ourselves already and ate leftovers for days and i'm sick of it, in fact in the state I'm in I really need foods high in iron and fiber and low on dairy and sodium, so I'm not sure how to say no. Like tonight, I'd totally just ask Marc to grill a salmon but we told some friends they could have Wednesday to "help" us... I guess the nicest thing is just to get an extra big salmon and cook for them. that seems a bit odd though, considering I got about two hours of sleep tonight, to be hosting dinner parties. sigh.

well anyway since I'm either too tired to make this decision or just too socially inept to figure it out myself, here's a poll.

I think my favorite option might just be to tell them I can't deal with people right now.

nicest way to turn down pizza?

suggest something else even though it's all more expensive/complicated
eat a slice to be polite, eat for real later
just cook for them
turn down the visit entirely
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