Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

baby 2, day 2

we are home from the hospital! Pictures are a bit rough... we tried to trim her fingernails but she's still managed to scratch the hell out of her little face, it's probably time to put the mittens on her, or as marc calls them, hand jail:

Not 100% confident in the whole "being home" thing, Olive's had some issues keeping her temperatures up and yesterday was a rough day. She just didn't want to eat. Too sleepy. But then after dinnertime, she started getting more into it. Then all night she was awake, every hour or so she'd be crying and I just kept shoving boobs in her face and she'd latch on, eat for five minutes, zonk out... repeat every 45 minutes. But at least she was eating so even though it was a bit exhausting we were game. The pediatrician came in the morning and said we could go home.

Then, sleepy time again, from like 8 to noon we couldn't really get her up to eat, and she had a low temp in there but they let us go home anyway. The lactation consultants just told me to keep her naked and hold her skin-to-skin on my chest, Marc was like "Of course that's what they say, they're lactation, they think your chest is the answer to everything!" Might be. But she seriously said that new moms have magic hormones that help them sense when they have a below-temp newborn on them and can turn your own temperature up to regulate, which I think I believe because at the hospital I was feeling pretty much thermonuclear, not running a fever myself obviously (they check for that), just freaking hot.

So we're watching the baby, she just ate well around one and is meeting her diaper quotas so maybe things are getting better. I just have these bad flashbacks to Josie's scary jaundice day, which was also on a weekend... fucking weekends, man. They make having a newborn very stressful.

As for me though I am feeling AWESOME! Barely bleeding, the only reason I was wearing those giant hospital pads today was because they're free. No swelling or childbirth-related damage. I'm suddenly realizing why not everyone related to my plight after I had josie, when I was in pain for weeks, couldn't do things like sit in chairs or go up and down steps or walk more than 50 feet. For weeks, I was like that! And here I am not even 48 hours after this one, and nothing phases me, I feel perfectly normal. I don't even see a reason to take ibuprofin, yesterday I was really crampy every time we nursed but that seems to have gone away.

Anyway we're going to have a relaxing afternoon, then marc and josie have a wedding to go to and I'm going to hang out with my parents and olive, and see how everything goes.
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