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This terrible storm woke me up, and my first thought was "hey I had a baby in a storm last time, maybe I'll be in labor?" but nope, not even the slightest cramp. I guess sometimes a storm is just a storm. So I'll make a nothing update on livejournal just so no one else wonders, I guess.

This week:
- Our yard looks very nice and green, we threw some handfuls of grass seed on it the past few weeks whenever we heard it might rain. That's our entire lawn care strategy. We don't like to use any pesticides because the guinea pigs like to graze outside on nice days.

- The rocking chair we ordered came in, we got one from Target. I admitted that the $40 one we bought of craigslist last time that broke while marc was rocking the baby in it was probably too cheap, but was not ready to go for the $600 furniture store ones.

- I finally found a random guy at work to buy eggs from. We are surrounded by so many farms, it seems like somebody's always raising chickens, I've just never been able to get in on it. Local eggs are in serious demand. Someday, I'd like to own a deep freeze and buy animals too... half a pig, a quarter of a cow, I hear about people getting great prices on meat that lived a wonderful life on the kansas prairie, it just takes a bit of research.

- Sheryl Sandberg's book finally got to me at the public library, after six weeks on the wait list. But once again I have proven that you can get any bestseller you want at the library for free... horray for my cheapness!

- Marc has been on a kick lately where if he feels like going out to eat something, he instead tries to make it at home. Last week this resulted in some yummy taco pizza. This week was chicken parmesan. I think next up on the list he mentioned calzones, that could be exciting. What sucks though is that it was 80 degrees a few times this week already, we opened windows to air the house out, but it reminded me that when it's really summer and really hot we have to do other things to keep the house cool like not use the oven and it makes the meal planning a lot more limited and annoying.

So there's a list of stuff so I can say I updated. boring, I know.
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