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39 weeks pregnant

This due date is one week away. Today we are in May, the month I've been picturing this whole time for when I'll have this baby, and I'm thrilled to have made it to May, it's special to me.

Last night the new rocking chair we ordered came in and we got it all put together in the living room, and it's in the corner waiting, I got the baby clothes washed and in drawers, but I keep thinking of other stuff we need to get done... wash the baby bathtub, replace our air filter, wash out the air conditioner, install baby seat in the car, etc etc etc.

My ongoing obsession with due date statistics has told me one thing: that the best "sign" there is that you're going to go into labor is that you're about 40 weeks pregnant. Only 20-25% of babies show up in the weeks before Week 39. Then it's a landslide, quickly rounds to 4% per day just showing up, as many babies show up at 39 weeks X days as all the weeks before that combined, week 40 is the same, until you hit 41 weeks and 80% of the babies are born. There are no other dependable signs that you're going into labor, no magical induction methods. It doesn't matter if it's a full moon, that you just had spicy food, that your cervix is dilated to one or four, that you feel like "nesting".

I had no signs of labor with Josie, not a single braxton-hicks contraction or anything different coming out of me or even mother's intuition. I was 39 weeks and 4 days pregnant, and after a normal day just started feeling crampy after dinner. 10-12 hours later, there she was. If I go into labor at the same time with this one, that would mean I'll be calling into work Monday morning.

Or she could be a little late and I would be fine with that, actually making it to 40 weeks exactly would be pretty cool, the day after my due date is May 9th which would be a great easy day to remember.

Josie herself, who is still convinced she's getting a brother despite what the ultrasound said, told me last night that the baby will be here in four days. Maybe she just likes the number four? I'll give the kid credit for committing to an opinion, that's for sure.

Then in the middle of all this I remember what a dear woman told me last time I was pregnant, approaching my due date, and hearing everyone's predictions: that pregnancy means months of planning, analysis, theorizing, brainstorming, gathering advice, preparing, and checking... but that it will all go out of your head. it won't matter. you will have your own birth story.
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