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cinco de mayo

We had a big ass party last night, officially we called it Cinco De Mayo because we've done cinco de mayo parties before and they're a blast in our house, but I realize we're nowhere close to May 5th. There were a number of conflicts with that weekend... a friend's wedding on that Saturday, plus with my due date being May 8th I just don't feel like I'd be medically reliable for anything right then.

So we moved the whole thing back and nobody cared!

I called up the delano mexican cafe and ordered six dozen enchiladas, which we put some sauce on and baked in the oven as needed. We had 25 or so people RSVP on facebook but people sort of came in shifts, not everyone ate, we told everyone to bring sides so there was lots of other food, anyway we only ended up eating three dozen enchiladas. But since we hadn't cooked the rest, we threw them in the freezer and marc is pretty excited about just having them around for the next few weeks, or as long as they last, which may not be long.

In the morning we did the Wichita AIDS walk, a 2.2 mile walk that I hoped would wear out the dog a bit and kinda wore me out too. I was on my feet all day getting ready for the party. Around 10pm I was tired of people thwarting my plans to sit down for a bit, every ten minutes it felt like someone was arriving or leaving and they'd seek me out and make me feel obligated to stand up and hug or something. Or worse... my inlaws were there and would NOT stop touching my pregnant belly until I started getting really snappy and telling them to QUIT, and I knew that made me sound bitchy. So I went upstairs to lay down, and told marc to tell everyone I'd passed out, even though I wasn't sleepy at all. Twenty minutes later I opted for another strategy; I went out back with marc's hippie burner friends, brought an afghan and a glass of water, they seemed surprised because they'd heard I'd gone to bed but I explained no, I was just sick of people. And they understood that! Just "outsider" enough to totally relate to my sudden hatred of social niceties. Part of it for me was physical, my hips and back were sore, part of it was social... I really don't give a crap about saying hello and goodbye to everyone at a party. If you're here great, if you're leaving I can wave, let's get this all done without touching me or making me leave my chair!

Sitting outside was glorious though, it was dark and I was out of the way and the conversation was good. There aren't bugs out yet, we had freezing weather just last week. I asked people to bring me stuff as I needed it, and didn't move. I got some good tips for my gardening, compliments on the house, suggestions for patio furniture.

Josie had a blast. Her "friends" were there at the beginning, I have that in quote marks because the toddler interactions are not peaceful. She looked forward to them coming all day, then the cute blonde boy she calls "kitchen" shows up and wants to play with her cars and she gets pissed off, I tell her to consider sharing, she says "I will share THIS PUZZLE now." And there's a lot of wrestling that goes on. But honestly they're almost three, so we just let them play in her room or whatever unless we hear injury-level sounding cries. I know it wasn't entirely happy.

She stayed up until midnight, when finally we noticed her obviously rubbing her eyes and just sort of roaming the house aimlessly. So Marc cuddled her on the couch just to get her to stop moving because she did not want to go to bed... there were cookies and people and music and glow sticks and everything was wonderful. She was asleep in five minutes.

Even the dog got tired of people and layed down outside, still around everyone, just didn't have the energy to pursue new friends. I got up this morning, she did not walk over to go outside or get a treat, just blinked and rolled over.

Everyone cleared out a little after 1am, I guess our friends are getting old. Marc and I had round two of some enchiladas because hey, hadn't eaten since dinner, why not go again? It took me longer than I expected to fall asleep, then Josie woke up at 3 and we're not sure why, probably just on a screwed up schedule, so we let her sleep with us and that's where everyone is at now... Marc and Josie are passed out together upstairs, the dog hasn't moved, I'm pretty sure there's a dude on our couch downstairs, I'm only up because I was hungry again for breakfast.

Part of the reason we threw this party was to have one last blowout before the baby comes, and we wind up going into that newborn sequestration for a year. Even our neighbors who just had their FOURTH kid said that yup, this is how it works, you have a baby and nothing happens for 12 months, then you emerge like a hibernating bear and try to gather up your friends, see who still remembers you, and introduce your observant little child to a wonderful world where there are many things to celebrate.
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