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You know how people buy those rolls of raffle tickets, and hand them out, and every ticket has like an eight digit number on it because they're meant for a raffle where there are a zillion tickets handed out but really no group you're at is ever that big?

I hate when the guy on the mic calls out ALL EIGHT NUMBERS of the winning ticket, every time.

If there are 500 people there, you can just call out the last three numbers. Seriously.

Or even better... if there were 500 people there, and you have like 30 prizes to give out, just call out the last two numbers. Up to five people could come up at once, but it's more likely to just be a couple because the others have left, lost their tickets, or just aren't paying attention. Either way your chances of finding SOME winner go up a lot, and that'll make the whole thing go a little faster.

This all runs through my head every single time I'm sitting someplace holding a silly little ticket with a bunch of numbers on it, and I always wondering how bitchy control freaky it'd be to point it out. I'm guessing it'd look pretty bad. I don't know how other people can just be patient on issues like this.
Tags: math
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