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We're having a perfect day in Wichita - highs in the 70s, sunny, and if that's not enough WSU made it to the NCAA final four last weekend so the week that's started out happy is now completely euphoric. It's a few hours before the big game and everyone in the city is smiling. A good portion may already be drunk. You go out, everyone is wearing the same two colors, we just look at each other like we've won some kind of group lottery or discovered unicorns or something perfect like that. We're supposed to have some kinda of massive tornado outbreak on tuesday because, you know, it's spring in Kansas, and no one is really phased.

A few years ago KU won a national championship but that was different, it was still fun and I remember watching the game at a friend's apartment with everyone hugging and cheering but KU sort of has a general sense of entitlement about basketball, they won't even ever play WSU... I know some very nice KU fans so I won't talk too much shit on the jayhawks here, especially this week, and they're not just like that about basketball... let's just say seeing them win was nice. But not sun shining from the heavens, completely perfect, wow-I-could-like-sports-again nice.

Marc and I have spent a lot at the hardware store lately, he got motivated to fix our screened-in porch after it was destroyed by some general house neglect (it wasn't perfect when we moved in) and then really done in my our dog, who doesn't understand why there's a door in ONE place when she could just run at the screens until they'd bust out and horray, now every panel is a door! Yeah, no, marc replaced the bottom part with paneling, re-did the top screens, for the door we used this magnetic screen curtain door thing that turned out to have some design flaws but we're adding duct tape and making it work for a while.

All the hardware store trips, plus the nice weather, got me inspired to plant things. I was way late on gardening last year, and at almost 36 weeks pregnant I'm really counting my weekends, every one has to be VERY productive because THE END (of normal life) IS NEAR. soon it's newborn baby time. So today I had marc lug dirt and planters around for me and josie and I put seeds in pots. Basil, parsley, eggplant, carrots, flowers. And we had cherry tomato plants, since last year I tried to grow them from seeds and something went very badly there, I got plants but no fruit and it was really depressing. The dog roams around the yard and sometimes roams off, but I'd call her back and she'd come running. Josie was happy if she had a hose and water and watering cans to play with, she'd stay put right where she was. She got sunshine and water just like a plant so she can grow. I got some sun. We had snow a few weeks ago but now it's spring, I feel like I decided to make it happen myself, no matter what comes up next week we are having spring.
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